The single-handed sailors dream

Kappseglingsegenskaper och automatiserade funktioner

Aspect45 is a sailing boat with race sailing characteristics while the automated solutions enable simple sailing that can be carried out by a single person. Ideal for the lone sailor and the family sailor.

Hybrid Engine

Hybrid engines use the internal combustion engine to charge the electric motor's battery while traveling, but brakes and idle can also be used for charging. When the engine is started, it runs on electrical power. When the speed is above 6 knots, diesel operation is automatically switched on. The driver never has to manually switch from electricity to diesel or vice versa. It is a fact that when diesel and electrical engines are running at the same time they give a power increase. The batteries can be recharged without the engine being propelled.

Hydraulically foldable keel

The hydraulically foldable keel locks in the upright position when agrounded and of its own weight the keel returns to normal when the depth below the boat increases. In other words, the boat can aground at 20 knots speed and after 20 minutes the boat can sail on with unaffected keel.

Hydraulic solution for self-propelled sails

The hydraulic solution automates stay turns and simplifies trimming of sails. The sail switches from port astern to starboard and vice versa without having to be pulled over manually. Fine tuning takes place easily without winches, as the hydraulic with floating point has reverse gear 1: 4. With the hydraulic solution, the sail surface can be increased by 20%, giving maximum use of the boat. The jack-ters do not have to release the sail on one side and pull over on the other side with the winch, since it is done automatically.