Team of originators

Rolf Tannergård – originator

Rolf Tannergård established contact with Kåre Ljung, a famous boat and aircraft designer, and designer Annica Sundh, to create a comfortable, easy-to-sail boat with high excellent cruising characteristics.

Rolf is also the originator of the popular Aspect40. It was appointed "New boat of the year" at the fair "Allt för sjön" in 2010.

Rodney Ardern - Project Manager

Rodney Ardern, from New Zealand, is a qualified project leader for sailing projects. Rodney is also a professional sailor with several completed Americas cup sailing. The latest merit is total gain in Fastnet, with a Rambler 88 (feet).

Kåre Ljung – design engineer

Kåre Ljung has over thirty years of experience and is considered to be one of Europe's skillful boat designers.

Kåre has developed several smart solutions to enable Aspect45 to be sailed on its own or two-handed.

Håkan Karlsson

Håkan Karlsson has been involved in the design of Aspect45. Håkan has combined his knowledge in technical design, construction, construction management and project management with his long experience of sailing.

Annica Sundh – designer and artist

Annica is a visual artist, and has studied at Konstfack, the School of Art in Stockholm, and the Elementary School of Artistic Education.

Annica has designed the interior in Aspect45 and has also previously designed the interior in Aspect40.

Daniel Fehler

Daniel Fehler has customised the hydraulic system with his expertise. Benefits of hydraulic systems include power, accuracy, efficiency and easy maintenance.

Sune Carlsson's shipyard

Leif Carlsson and his professional team are constructing Aspect45 at Sune Carlsson's shipyard in Saltsjöbaden, just outside Stockholm, Sweden.

The team has long experience of building fast boats with different solutions, from Starboats and archipelago boats to Oceanraceboats.