Outstanding family racer

Sails fast in all types of winds

A boat with beautiful lines, designed to sail fast in all types of winds, with a wonderful sailing experience. The easy-to-drive hull can be handled by lone sailors, as well as by the entire competition team. The strong and rigid construction can withstand harsh conditions.

Light, strong construction

In order to get a strong and rigid boat that can handle harsh conditions, the boat is built in single-laminated carbon fiber prepreg, with 30-40 mm insulation for cooling, heat and noise.

Sailing trim to a new level

Trim rods, mast jack for raising mast, leverage for trimming for forests, rotatable mast for more sail surface. Unique and modern solutions for best sailing.

Collapsible keel

The keel can be folded backwards with double-acting hydraulic piston, to reduce draft and thus simplify sealing in natural harbors.

Comfortable sailing

Automatic steering, hydraulic system for sheeting, electric winches, all mooring lines collected in the cockpit, electric heated seat for helmsman. In other words, everything you can ask for a comfortable sailing.


Overall length 13,7 m

Length of waterline 12,5 m

Overall breadth 3,68 m

Depth 3,5 m

Depth with folded keel 1,4 m

Displacement 5,6 ton

Keel weight 2,5 ton

Engine 3-cylinder diesel: Lombardini 27 hp

Hybrid electric motor which is simultaneously a generator of 15 hp

Rig and sail

Rig, height of pole over deck, 20,10 m

Mainsail, 62 m2

Jib2, 59 m2

Jib4 on strut in roll, 35 m2

Code, 55%, 105 m2

A2 runner gennaker, 230 m2

A5 hard wind gennaker, 150 m2


3 double bunks with wardrobes

Lounge with 10 seats

Double bunk in lounge

U-shaped kitchen counter in rose-polished steel

Electric motor for lifting up refrigerator

Removable dining table

Water flow in shower, sink and kitchen


Carbon fiber WC

Wet wardrobe with access from outside and inside

Electrically heated seat for helmsman