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Light and fast

ORC International Certificate (Test)

Handicap ORC GPH 470


13,70 m


12,50 m


3,68 m


3,50 m

Draught with keel aft

1,40 m


5600 kg

Keel weight

2500 kg


Lombardini 27 hk,
3-cylinder diesel

Hybrid electrical motor 15 hk


Mast height

22,0 m

P= 17,9 m

E= 5,65 m

T= 5,85 m


66 m2


59 m2

Jib4 rolled on a cable

38 m2

Code 52% rolled on a cable

113 m2

Code 75% rolled on a cable

168 m2

A2 running gennaker

200 m2


A boat with beautiful lines and easily driven hull, designed to sail fast in all wind conditions, with wonderful sailing characteristics for both the solo sailer and a full crew.

To create a light, strong, rigid and durable boat, the Aspect45 is built with single skin laminate made in pre-preg carbon fiber, hardened under vacuum in an oven.

The hull laminate is reinforced by a beam system which together with the interior forms an internal structural skeleton. This provides a durable boat, built to withstand the slamming loads from the sea and the impact of hitting rocks, (a common occurrence in the Swedish archipelago).

The boat is insulated against cold, heat and noise.

Aspect45 is equipped with a parallell hybrid and sail-drive. The hybrid assembly has two modes - generator and hybrid operation.

In generator mode, the batteries can be charged with around 7 kW without the propeller connected.

In hybrid mode, the boat can run on pure electricity up to 6 knots, at higher speeds the diesel engine will automatically switch in.

The Aspect45 is equipped with LiFePo4 battery pack, 48 V / 10.5 kWh + 24V / 3.5 kWh. The batteries can be either charged by the hybrid motor or by shore power. A 4.2 kW / 230 V inverter is connected to the 48 V battery.

Uppfällbar köl
joystick aspect45

High comfort

Bunk beds

3 double cabins with wardrobes

Main saloon bunks can be converted into four single sea berths


Dining table with 10 seats and storage of glasses and cutlery

Dining table and flooring in teak laminate

Standing height inside


U-shaped kitchen counter in rose-polished titanium

2 refrigerators 110 litres

230 V electrical stove with oven, and storage cabinet

Sink with hot water flow, 230 V

Drying locker

Wet wardrobe with access from saloon and WC.


Electric wall-hung toilet built in carbon fibre

Water flow, 230V for shower and sink


Electric heated seat for helmsman

Lightweight cockpit table in elegant carbon fibre and Nomex. Easily moved from the stern to the cockpit.

Easy to operate with joystick

Seven unique hydraulic functions to simplify sailing
- Hydraulically regulated swing keel
- Hydraulic solution for a self-tacking, overlapping jib.
- Hydraulic systems for the mainsheet, jib lead height, backstay and boom vang.

Electrial winches

All halyards and control lines are recessed and led to the cockpit

Joystick, remote control

Advanced instrumentation

27-inch bright screen integrated into the main companionway washboard

A trim-tab on the keel reduces leeway and provides better performance, especially up-wind.


To reduce the draught and enable anchoring in shallow bays, the Aspect45 is equipped with a swing keel.

The double-acting titanium hydraulic cylinder, which controls the keel, is designed to allow the keel to rotate backwards at ground impacts at speeds of up to 20 knots and then stay in folded position.

Seven unique hydraulic functions to simplify sailing. The hydraulics are controlled either by the panels beside the helmsman or with a remote control.

Advanced instrumentation and 27-inch bright screen integrated into the main companionway washboard.

Carbon fibre crane at the top of the mast gives a 1:3 interchange between forestay and backstay. If the backstay is tightened by 1.5 tonnes, a forestay tension 4.5 tonnes is achieved.