Inventive solutions


  • Electric heated seat for helmsman
  • 6 unique hydraulic systems simplify sailing
  • Sheeting of foresail, kick, mainsail, stern
  • Collapsible keel
  • Mast Jack
  • Automatic control system for steering
  • Electricity for mainsail rail
  • Electrical winches
  • Smooth and lightweight carbon fiber cockpit table that is easy to move between stern and cockpit
  • The storage of the table in the stern makes the boat safe during sailing


  • Hydraulic system that folds up the keel enables mooring in shallow bays

Deck and pole

  • Integrated mooring lines provide cockpit free from lines
  • Thanks to the mast jacket, the mast is height-adjustable and has the characteristics of a continuous mast.
  • With the unique ball, the mast can be twisted and thus more sail surface is obtained
  • The mast top has a crane that gives three times more tensioned strut due to the leverage
  • Thanks to three pipes in the mast, the mainsail can easily be removed and put into the intended pocket

Cabin and kitchen

  • Electric motor for lifting refrigerators for better access
  • Wet wardrobe that can be used as a drying room for sea clothing, which can be accessed both from the cockpit and from the inside

Engine and generator

  • 3-cylinder diesel: Lombardini 27 hp
  • Hybrid electric motor which is simultaneously a generator of 15 hp
  • The boat can go up to 3 hours in 7 knots with electric power
  • With everything connected, an output of 42 hp is achieved
  • The hybrid motor / generator drives electric stove, hot water, 220 V, electric heating with perfect control
  • The generator charges lithium batteries at 11 Kwh, which corresponds to about 20 car batteries